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Back to work!
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Hey guys, Just a note that we are fully back to work after a long Summer break! Keep an eye on the Customs page as it will be getting updated more frequently now and sometimes shoots will change. Lots of amazing updates to come too! Keep up the support! You guys rock!

Hey all! Just a quick notification that our servers were changed over the past couple of days and since it happened, there seems to be some issues getting new content up on the site. We are hoping to have it resolved today. Sorry for the inconvenience! Once it has been fixed we will add a triple update! - Xbrats staff

Hey guys! Just figured I'd clear up some common confusion with our updates on the members area! We generally will update our members area with older videos and a few brand new clips per month, we generally update every single day! However, we save the brand new stuff for VOD only for the most part and will drop them into the members area a few months later. So sometimes you will see a video missing from the members area that is only in VOD. You can view the launch dates for the members clips on the bottom of the thumbnail of the updates to come. When we first launched we also chose to rotate a few of our newest SFX clips meaning they will show some months in the members area but then disappear for a month and then appear again! Once again just look at the dates on the bottom of the clips to see when they will be available again on the members area! Hopefully this will clear up some confusion as to why you can't find certain videos in the members area! Rest assured they will be added eventually!

Happy Holidays!!
Everyone here at Xbrats just wants to wish you all a Happy Holidays!! Stick around because 2022 is gonna be AMAZING!