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Hey guys! Just figured I'd clear up some common confusion with our updates on the members area! We generally will update our members area with older videos and a few brand new clips per month, we generally update every single day! However, we save the brand new stuff for VOD only for the most part and will drop them into the members area a few months later. So sometimes you will see a video missing from the members area that is only in VOD. You can view the launch dates for the members clips on the bottom of the thumbnail of the updates to come. When we first launched we also chose to rotate a few of our newest SFX clips meaning they will show some months in the members area but then disappear for a month and then appear again! Once again just look at the dates on the bottom of the clips to see when they will be available again on the members area! Hopefully this will clear up some confusion as to why you can't find certain videos in the members area! Rest assured they will be added eventually!

Happy Holidays!!
Everyone here at Xbrats just wants to wish you all a Happy Holidays!! Stick around because 2022 is gonna be AMAZING!

Hey everyone! As promised, for our members only, we now will offer you guys first choice on any upcoming shoots for customs! As of 2022 we will no longer be offering discounts for customs at the base rate of $100 per model, however, on some occasions we may add extra footage depending on your longevity as a member here at Xbrats.com! Please head over to the 'Custom Videos' page and view our upcoming shoots for January 2022! Currently we are still working on a few more to be added (Or girls to be added to existing shoots) But as of right now you may order customs for January!

So welcome again. I figured now you're here and through the door, I might as well let you in on what's in store for you in the coming weeks! First off, we have a shit ton more content to start releasing on here, so do not fret. We should aim to get at least another 20 clips a week on to the members area! All brand new releases will be released for purchase a few hours earlier here than on our old BFG store. Also for our SFX fans, all SFX clips will be launched here first before they are available anywhere else! Interested in a custom? Well check out the new custom order area, where things will be much more simple for everyone to get in their orders! As a member you will also gain first priority on all our upcoming shoots for customs! We here at Xbrats really are excited to see where we will head! Now we have full control over our product we will aim to continue our upward trend of trailblazing in femdom and size content! So please feel free to leave any feedback and anything you'd like to see added! Thanks again and let's get this started! - J. Ninja