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Models / Luna

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Luna Stinky Feet Handjob
Jason Ninja , Luna
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The stunning Luna is very crafty with her foot and hand skills. She can get her size 3 feet very fragrant and knows just how to get a willing footboy into 7th heaven by giving him a whiff from between her toes as she expertly strokes his throbbing cock with her hands. her huge grin gives away how much...

Tags: big loads cumshots foot smelling Foot smelling handjob
Luna Sneaky Homework Shrink
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Luna has been working really hard on working on a special new soda. She has invited you, her teacher over to get your opinion on it. Before you know it you are shrinking to a few inches tall. She towers over you now, your little student. You are staring right at her socked feet. She has had this little...

Tags: crush foot domination foot humiliation giantess
Sucks to be you 2 - Sasha Luna & Vanessa
Jason Ninja , Luna
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After hearing all about their friend Kat dumping her boyfriend in the worst way possible, co-eds Sasha, luna and Vanessa have come over while Kat is at her new bf's house to keep him occupied - by ramming all 6 of their feet down his throat and keeping the humiliation at a high! These three are cruel...

Tags: brat girls facebox foot domination foot gagging
Luna's Beaten Up Old Shoes
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Luna's shoes have gotten dirty and muddy and now she has no other choice but to totally destroy them!

Tags: clothing destruction foot fetish sneaker fetish wet and messy
Luna Flip Flop Stinky Foot Licker
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After walking around in her garden all day Luna has some super fucking dirty feet! Who better to clean them than you! She takes off her flip flops and exposes her almost completely blackened soles in your face! The petite brat laughs as she knows you are turned on by her disgusting soles! She invites...

Tags: dirty feet foot domination foot humiliation pov foot worship
Carmen & Luna Let's Stomp all OVER him!
Carmen X , Jason Ninja
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The infamous brat duo Luna and Carmen are back once more to destroy Ninja under their cute soles! These two are in a mood today as they jump, stomp and facestand him into oblivion! They can't help but laugh as they show no mercy on his helpless body and face! They march across him giving him a good stomping...

Tags: ball stomping facestanding trample trampling
3 Brat facesitting Train
Acrosuave , Carmen X
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Octavio has been perving on the swim team in the locker room and Luna caught him, he quickly ran home and tried to pretend to rest but the girls crowd around him and decide to smother him under their asses! These brats show him no mercy as they start off with a triple butt smother! They start having...

Tags: ass crush ass fetish ass slave ass smothering
The Present SFX
Ayla Aysel , Luna
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Scientist Luna awaits her girlfriend Ayla to come home with a special present for her birthday. Ayla arrives and wonders what's in the box. She opens it up and finds two of Luna's assistants in there. Ayla has always wanted to feel powerful over little people, even her gf Luna is shorter than her and...

Tags: crush giantess giantess sfx shrinking

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