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Models / Jason Ninja

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Jason Ninja Updates

Dakota Foot Servitude
Dakota Charms , Jason Ninja
Available to Members Now

Dakota turns Ninja into her foot slave and makes him lick her feet clean.

Tags: female domination foot domination foot humiliation foot worship
Mandy & Natalia Blondes Wanna Just Trample
Jason Ninja , Mandy Wolf
Available to Members Now

Hot blonde Brat duo Mandy and Natalia are in dire need of some fun! What better way han to jump and crush a pathetic slave under their feet! These two can't stop laughing as they destroy him by stepping on his face abd balls, making sure he feels every bit of pain they can dish under foot! Then they...

Tags: ball stomping facestanding foot domination POV Trampling
Maya Disposable Footslave SFX
Jason Ninja , Maya Farrell
Available to Members Now

Maya is done with her lazy roommate. He owes her rent and she needs it within 24 hours. She can't take it anymore form him and now she's about to expose him to who she really is. He begs her to give him another chance. If he doesn't do what she asks of him she will turn him into a pathetic foot slave....

Tags: crush foot domination foot worship giantess
Aubree Unaware Under the Desk
Aubree lane , Jason Ninja
Available to Members Now

After Sunshine left her old boss stuck in the facebox under her desk. A week later her girl Aubree has turned up to use her laptop. Jason's face is covered under stinky socks so Aubree does not see his face under the chair as she sits down listening to her headphones completely unaware of the guys face...

Tags: brat girls facebox facestanding foot play
Ziva & Mewchii Sock Sniffer Gets Stinky Feet!
Jason Ninja , Mewchii Fey
Available to Members Now

Ziva and Mewchii are on the way out to a party. As soon as they leave Jason sneakily grabs one oif Ziva's dirty cheerleading socks off the floor and starts huffing it. Unfortunately for him, Ziva left her phone on the couch and has come back in and caught him red handed. The sis duo then proceed to get...

Tags: foot domination foot gagging foot humiliation foot smother
Ari's Sweaty Feet reek
Ari Parker , Jason Ninja
Available to Members Now

Everyne knows Ari's feet are the real deal when it comes to sweat! Her sweat sweat profusely which means they get very very smelly as well. She has her slave tied up and at the mercy of her dripping wet feet. As she pulls off her socks the smell is immediate. That dank vinegary pungent smell hits his...

Tags: brat girls foot smelling foot smother stinky feet
Karly - Punished under my feet 1
Jason Ninja , Karly Salinas
Available to Members Now

Karly's slave has been cleaning her house all day. She gets home form the gym expecting to find her place spic and span. However, after a quick investigation she finds clothing still laying around under her couch. She is furious with her slave as she kicks him in the ribs and knocks him onto his back....

Tags: brat girls female domination foot humiliation foot smelling
Sasha Foxxx's Revenge
Jason Ninja , Sasha Foxxx
Available to Members Now

She's back in 2022! It's been 6 long years since Sasha has laid her powerful punches on anyone. However, as Ninja stands guard he hears footsteps approach. It is none other that Sasha! She's back for revenge and isn't in a good mood. Ninja thinks he can take her, but her first start flying knocking him...

Tags: ball stomping foot domination foot worship kicking

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